Community Safety Program Manager

– This position has been filled for the Summer of 2017 –

Neighbourhood Watch Brampton (NWB) is hiring a Community Safety Program Manager for Summer 2017.

NWB is a program of Brampton Focus Community Media and was officially launched on March 22, 2017. The goal of NWB is to make Brampton the safest city in Canada by encouraging and facilitating neighbours to participate in crime prevention awareness and reporting. We work closely with community partners to help neighbourhoods organize into “Watch Groups” that are engaged in crime prevention.

The Community Safety Program Manager entails:

  • Overseeing the schedule and managing a team of three (3) Community Safety Interns
  • Assisting in the successful start-up of Watch Groups across Brampton
  • Participate in organizing and running Watch Group Kick-Off meetings and Summer Night Out events
  • Laisoning with community partners, including Peel Regional Police.
  • Responding to residents interested in joining the program
  • Analyzing and preparing crime related data
  • Participating in the promotion of NWB via social media, videos, and blog articles
  • Meeting and training Watch Captains
  • Participationg in the development/production of video training programs
  • Assisting in community canvassing
  • Participating in sponsorship and fundraising projects and activities

You will work as a team under the direction and the guidance of the Program Manager (Fazal Khan).

Successful applications must meet the following requirements:

  • Graduating first or second year of University and returning to full-time school in September 2017.
  • Demonstrate good computer and data analysis skills.
  • Be excellent verbal and written communicator.
  • Be willing to work on a flexible time schedule, including some evenings and weekends.
  • Responsible, organized and willing to work as a team, and independently.
  • Self-starter, willing to innovate and challenge the status-quo.
  • Willing to listen, learn, take suggestions.

At the end of the summer position, the successful applicant will have gained a wide variety of valuable skills in managing a team, community organizing, event management, data analysis and communication.

We encourage working from home for specific tasks on your own computer and Internet connection.

The position is for a maximum of 9 weeks, 30 hours per week at $13/hour.

To apply, please send a brief 1 page resume to Fazal Khan ( with a summary of your academic education, volunteer work, awards and recognition, sports and clubs involved with, previous work experience, and contact info for a reference.

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