Protect Your Home During March Break

Travelling during March Break is something that many of us take advantage of. Whether for a day trip, an overnight trip, or a family vacation down south, there are a few things to know to ensure you come back to a house that is just the way you left it. Go through this checklist well in advance of leaving…

  1. If at all possible, get a house sitter. This is usually a family member or close friend who wouldn’t mind staying full-time at your house while you are on vacation. It is a lot to ask, but you won’t know unless you try.
  2. If you can’t get a house sitter, ask a neighbour, friend or family member to check-in on your house everyday if possible. Ask them to do as much as they can on this list:
    • Remove flyers and newspapers left at the door.
    • Shovel any snow that has fallen.
    • Park their car on your driveway.
    • Put out the trash and recycling bins on collection day.
  3. Ask someone you trust to inspect inside your house daily, or at minimum every 3 days. They should ensure there are no water leaks, leaking toilets, and that the furnace is working. Some insurance policies won’t cover damage if you leave your house unattended without having someone check on it while you are away.
  4. Set the furnace to a more economical setting. Ensure you don’t lower the temperature to cause damage to plants or risk any pipes freezing
  5. Install timed lights on the inside and outside of your house.
  6. Give your alarm company an alternate contact to call in the event an alarm is triggered. Keep in mind that thieves can get in and out of your house before alarm companies even respond.

The goal is to make your house look like it is still being lived in, and that someone is home. Thieves would generally prefer to break-in to homes that look unoccupied. Finally, while you are on vacation, don’t advertise on social media that you are not at home. It may be difficult, but you really can wait to post pictures when you get back from your trip.


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