Neighbourhood Audits Underway in Brampton

There is a bold new Vision for Brampton and it was created with the input of over 23,000 Bramptonians. The Brampton 2040 Vision is a vision for the people, by the people. The document reflects the hopes and dreams of Bramptonians for the future of their city.

One of the 28 actions in the Brampton 2040 Vision calls for a Complete Neighbourhood Audit Program to systematically update and revitalize existing neighbourhoods to ensure the full provisions for sustainable living. With direction from City Council, three neighbourhoods (old, middle aged, and relatively newly developed) were chosen to pilot the Complete Neighbourhood Audit program to better understand the feasibility of the program in the future.

The Bramalea (E-Section), Gore-Castlemore and Sheridan College neighbourhoods were chosen as the pilot locations for the Complete Neighbourhood Audit program, now toted as the Nurturing Neighbourhoods program.

What makes a neighbourhood great?

One of the fundamental elements is a nourishing setting where neighbours of all ages and abilities can work, play, live, learn, shop and interact with one another. Through the Nurturing Neighbourhoods pilot program we want residents to both celebrate and be critical of their neighbourhoods in order to develop present and future solutions to local concerns and garner a sense of pride in where they live. This pilot program is about putting people first in neighbourhoods and understanding what currently works and what can be improved to increase the collective quality of life.

While 1 of 3 Neighbourhood Pilots have commenced in the Bramalea (E-Section) Neighbourhood on September 15th, over the next 5 weeks residents and community members are invited to participate in neighbourhood walks, mental mapping sessions and workshops in 2 other communities:

  • Gore-Castlemore Neighbourhood (October 27th)
  • Sheridan College Neighbourhood (November 11th)

While an abbreviated version of the Nurturing Neighbourhoods program will ensue, the eventual outcomes of a wholesome program will result in the development of a detailed action plan for Brampton neighbourhoods city wide, should council make the program permanent after the pilot.

The Nurturing Neighbourhoods program is a great way to get to know your neighbours, take an active role in community building and help us shape a better Brampton.

If you, or someone you know, reside in any of the neighbourhoods mentioned above, or would simply like to learn more about the Nurturing Neighbourhoods pilot program, please contact:

Tristan Costa

If you haven’t already, check out the Vision online at Have you heard we’re on Instagram too? Go ahead and follow us (@brampton2040).

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