Nothing to steal but this sign – Please don’t steal this sign

Langley RCMP, BC Auto Theft Crime Prevention Initiative

The Langley RCMP Detachment in British Columbia started mailing out cards in December to educate residents on how to reduce auto thefts. The cards are bright yellow and contrasting black and are designed to be hung on a vehicle’s rear view mirror. It provides simple instructions how residents can be proactive in reducing auto theft incidents. It is also a visual deterrent for would-be thieves.

Theft from autos continues to be a major problem in Brampton and owners can do a lot to reduce the risk. Thieves will often canvass driveways late at night looking for unlocked car doors. The “Nothing To Steal But This Sign” card identifies simple ways to reduce the risk:

  • Always park in a visible and well lit area.
  • Remove all personal belongings from vehicle.
  • Leave nothing valuable in plain sight.
  • Remove garage door opener from vehicle.
  • Take all keys with you.
  • Remove all sensitive and identity documents.
  • Keep vehicle doors locked at all times.
  • Use a steering wheel lock.
  • Have a truck? Always lock your tailgate and remove tools.

Top 10 Stolen Items From Vehicles?

  1. Smartphones
  2. Personal Electronics (Ipads, Laptops, GPS)
  3. Work Tools
  4. Credit cards and identification
  5. Stereo equipment
  6. Cash and coins
  7. Car parts and accessories
  8. Garage door openers
  9. Sunglasses
  10. Keys

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