Signage Request Deferred to Safety Advisory Committee

Neighbourhood Watch Street signage is a very important crime prevention tool of the Neighbourhood Watch program. The signs notifies would be criminals that neighbours in the area will immediately report unusual activity to police and make a call to their neighbours. Effectively, the signs are like a “Beware of Dog” sticker or a “Monitored by Alarm” sticker that you would put on your front and back door.

The Neighbourhood Watch Brampton team requested in late January that Councillors approve a process to get signs installed in Watch Neighbourhoods, and cover the related costs. This is the same process currently being utilized in Mississauga. Councillors at the meeting voted to request a report from staff on our request. Previously, under the Safe City Brampton program, the City was charging for signage installation.

Unfortunately, at today’s Committee of Council follow-up meeting, city staff did not have a report ready. Instead, staff will be providing a report on our request to the recently formed Safety Advisory Committee. A timeframe for the first meeting of the Safety Advisory Committee was not provided. However, the Chair of the Committee, Councillor Michael Palleschi indicated that the issue will be at the top of the priority list.

As a result, we currently cannot provide a timeline to residents as to when street signage will be installed for activated Watch neighbourhoods. We will keep you posted.

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