International Markets Compared to Mississauga Condominiums and Real Estate Services

Condos are a recent invention, born of the dual desires to own property and live near the heart of a major city. As real estate grows up rather than out, apartments that you can purchase are becoming more and more popular all over the world. The city of Mississauga has a vast selection of condos suitable for any lifestyle which makes it very competitive on the international real estate market. Before you make your decision on whether to buy your condo in Mississauga or elsewhere, let's see how Mississauga, Canada real estate stacks up compared to other real estate markets internationally.

United States

The recent sub-prime mortgage crisis has hit Canada hard, dropping the value of many suburban homes and urban condos from Halifax to Vancouver. However, as hard as its hit Canada, it's hit the United States worse. This can be good for you if you're seeking a Mississauga realtor to sell your condo, because you'll probably get more for it than someone selling in the United States. However, if you're looking to buy right now it means you can get better value for your money down south. This is especially true in California, where some of the commuter suburbs of Los Angeles have had the bottom drop out of their market completely.


Europe is the international boomtown. The advent and subsequent success of the European Union and the institution of a continent-wide currency have increased the popularity and financial success of this already popular and successful region. Condos and apartments in major cities like London and Paris go in the high hundreds of thousands if not millions of Euros or Pounds, with normal condos regularly surpassing the selling prices of even the most expensive Mississauga condominiums. This makes Mississauga a better cheaper option for the buyer by far.


Australia has a unique relationship with housing in that most Australians want to own a single family home with a backyard where they can barbecue. Because Australian civilization is so sparse, with most of the cities and towns clustered around the coast, you can really only find condos and rentals in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and in some of the more popular beach towns along the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. Therefore, most people living in Australia favor houses, preferring to leave multi-unit housing for a foreigner's wedding rental. Mississauga has much more of an emphasis on up-building rather than out-building. However, a lot of times it's still cheaper than condos in Australia, since that country's cities are booming.


Unless you relish being crammed into your accommodations like so many sardines in a can, you're better off avoiding Asian condos in favor of real estate services in Mississauga. Because countries like China and Japan have some of the most densely populated in the world, this creates a high demand for condo and apartment style housing. Buying a condo in an Asian market means you'll be paying a lot more than you would be paying in Mississauga. You'll also be jumping through a lot more hoops as you compete with other eager buyers for the property. In terms of resale value, Asian condos are appreciating much more rapidly, however, so if it's a quick flip you're planning and you have the money, go for it.

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